Jumping for Wedding Joy!

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer   MPP062215 copyWhile photographing Sarah’s wedding dress this past Saturday, I was surprised by the flower girl as she parachuted into my picture. This turn of events made me remember three rules about children at weddings:

1. The younger the flower girl or ring bearer, the more likely something unexpected is going to occur.
2. Flower girls and ring bearers will always give you an opportunity to make a cute, funny or fun picture at some point during the day.
3. Always be ready to capture things you can only react to and could never imagine!

That last point is the one that’s really the most important when thinking about who to hire for your wedding. Every photographer should be able to pose a nice photo or recognize one that happens as anticipated. Those are two very crucial talents your wedding photographer must have. Obviously, posing one person or a group of people is something that happens at every wedding at some point. Anticipating something that is about to happen is a talent that comes with experience. For example, I know that when a couple walks back down the aisle after their ceremony ends usually kiss each other shortly after they’ve gotten past the last row of guests. It doesn’t always happen, but there’s about a 90% chance it will. As a result, at the end of the ceremony you can always find me walking backwards, following the couple as they walk out. That’s anticipating something I’m pretty sure is going to happen. But, to be able to capture a candid moment that happens when predictability is not possible takes a focused reaction trained over years of learning to tie eye and hand coordination together. And that’s where the fun comes in! To see more unpredictable moments, check out