Joining Your Lives on Your Wedding Day



Amber and Ryan walk up the stairwell at St Patrick

Amber and Ryan walk up the stairwell at St Patrick’s Cathedral after their first look. ©juliana patrick photography Contact us at 503. 318. 5160

Joining Your Lives on Your Wedding Day

It is no easy task when two adults decide to join their lives together. Let’s get real for a moment and dispense with emotional issues just for a second… the nuts and bolts if you will! There is a pretty serious issue with passwords.. I mean your clever and seemingly unbreakable personal passwords can’t be recycled on to a joint account, can they? Yo may be very attached to them… they’re the ones you used for your first email site. They helped you log into ebay to bid on all of those amazing and essential items! We have all put in so much time developing a password system that is possible to remember at 2:00am on a Tuesday when you suddenly awake from slumber realizing that earlier that day you returned your last Homeland Blue-Ray and there is nothing else in the queue! What the Heck are you going to do Wednesday night???!!! All of these things have to be revisited and re calibrated so they work with your new and improved identity! The largest of these changes are, of course, realizing that I just became we in all aspects of your life… The past will be yours forever but there is a pretty drastic and official change in context for the present and the future. It is amazing to see this sink in… some couples have come to terms with this concept years before they said “I do” and some take a bit more time to let it sink in… but it does, and it is exciting to watch! We see this transformation, or at least the conceptual visual manifestation of it, in the images of our couples when they walk away from us and move on to the next phase of their wedding day. They think all the shots are over and now they need to be ready for the next big thing… in the above case it was the ceremony. We get to see them function as they will in life together… sharing excitement, planning and taking it all on as a couple! We do love to photograph this moment and we always have a warm feelings in our hearts when we see it happen!

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Okay, for fun I will pass this advise on… If you already do it… awesome!

(Password Creation Tip: Try coming up with a phrase that you like and only using the first or second letter of the words in it. Always capitalize  the same few as you go… Such as: You Cant Teach an Old Dog New Tricks… then add a number or two to make it unbreakable… 31 sooooo…  YctaOdnT31 !!! This is advise from the man that used to run the computer system for the Pentagon… It’s solid!!!)