In a Field of Flowers

Field of flowers engagementAlmost weekly, I’m asked for my opinion about the best place to hold a portrait or an engagement session. While it’s very true that some places are more photogenic than others, we’ve done portrait sessions in parking lots and you would never know it from the photos. The truth is, with the right light and a happy couple, you can create beautiful engagement portraits just about anywhere. For the image above, I asked my couple to stand in a patch of overgrown weeds. The chemistry between the two of them became the central focus of the image, and the weeds transformed into summery, ethereal greenery.

Don’t worry about choosing the “best” place for your engagement session. Just pick a place you’ll feel happy in and be willing to adventure. The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of wonderful options that all have so much to offer. If you want help brainstorming locations, we’re always happy to help. Just hop on over to our website and click on the “Get in Touch” link.

Mhari Scott Photography