In a Father’s Eyes

The look of a father as he gives his daughter

The look of a father as he gives his daughter’s hand away in marriage says everything.
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In A Father’s Eyes

Seeing Amber and her Father’s interactions while Amber was getting ready, hinted to us that the moment that he gave her away as she walked down the aisle at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church to meet her groom would be magic.  Ryan captured this moment and it is one of my favorites from their wedding day.  I do believe that the eye’s are a window to the soul.  The look on his face and the emotion in his eyes says it all.

Moments.  Split second glances.  We have trained our eyes to notice, anticipate and to capture moments that speak volumes.  Images that stand alone where words are not necessary. In a photographers lingo, it’s called the decisive moment.  I can get so wrapped up in these moments and they fill my heart.

This image is from Amber & Ryan’s wedding at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

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