I heart Jewish weddings

valls_tradition There are beautiful, rich traditions to photograph at Jewish weddings. I appreciate how by enacting the traditions, modern people link themselves to the families and bonds that have existed for thousands of years.

Often, it’s our clients who teach us about the elements that occur in their ceremonies. As we learned from Nicole and Mike, the bedecking occurs just before the ceremony: witnessed by the entire families and the wedding party, the groom identifies his bride and places the veil over her face.

This image was taking as the Rabbi has come to the bride to ask is she is ready to begin the bedecking. What I love about this photo is the variety of emotions you can read the in the faces. The bride’s open anticipation and joy. A mother’s pride and satisfaction. Another’s inexplicable sadness. Feminine support and camaraderie. A fleeting but important moment, captured in time.

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Gorgeous photo! It’s so nice to hear that as a photographer who shoots weddings all the time, you can still feel moved by the experience of this special day!