How to Take a Shot of Tequila Boom Boom

A shot of Tequila Boom Boom is made up of 1 oz of Tequila and 1 oz of ginger ale or lemon-lime soda.

That is the easy part.  The rest is up to the server’s presentation of the drink, and in destinations like Mexico, that can oftentimes become quite the spectacle.

Tequila Boom Boom was a very popular drink at Hannah & Danny’s destination wedding in Mexico.  It was frequently served to guests in a very unique fashion.

First, a server approaches a guest and folds their napkin on top of their head creating what appears to be a very large set of white ears.  It announces to the group who is about to take a shot.  The server then places another napkin over the shot to cover it and slams it on the table twice to activate the fizz of the soda.  This requires the person wearing the napkin on their head to quickly take the shot before the fizz flows over the top of the shot glass.  Once the guest has swallowed the shot, the server then takes the napkin that was used to cover the shot, bunches it up, and places it over the guest’s mouth.  The napkin is held over the guest’s mouth with one hand while the server’s other hand is used to hold the back of the guest’s head.  The server then rotates the guest’s head around and around and around to create a dizzying motion.  The process of taking a Tequila Boom Boom shot is very comical, fun, and I can’t really remember the rest…

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