How to Make Storytelling Wedding Portraits

storytelling wedding portraitsJess and Tom’s wedding day wasn’t the most relaxing of days. There was your typical big-wedding-party chaos, a bit of family stress dealing with nieces and nephews (you thought the baby wouldn’t need feeding every 2.5 hours?!) and a bit of lateness with the bus they hired for transportation. Through all of that, our time with them for their couple portraits was rushed more than we’d like. Rushing makes it harder to photography naturally and often results in stiffer photos.

But Jess and Tom rose above that. Their videographers asked them to walk ahead of their bridal party on the boardwalk for some scene setting openers and we photographed off to the side. Tom took a moment to adjust his wedding band – it’s always fun to see a groom suddenly realize he’s wearing a ring! And there you go, a natural moment mixed in with the hullabaloo of a big wedding day. These are the storytelling wedding portraits we love. These are the images that set apart their wedding coverage from the weddings of all their friends and family. These are the wedding photos that will gel them as they look at their wedding album in years to come.