How to Get Married at the Beach

Ali and Anthony are living proof that you can have a glorious October beach wedding in Oregon. The secret is to just go with it. When we arrived from Portland, the rain was sideways… in fact, all through the preparations, the rain was sideways! Against their hopes, they set up Plan B making the living room of the beautiful beach house into an intimate ceremony site. Francoise Weeks did her amazing magic with driftwood and flowers as the house started to fill with the twenty or so guests.

Ali was slipping into her frothy dress when the sun pushed back the rain… she put her gorgeous shoes aside and donned a pair of tasteful black Wellies and the crowd made the winding trek across the sea of grasses to the beach. Two members of the Oregon Symphony, smiling families and a happy dog welcomed the new couple into the world. An hour later, champagne in hand, they watched the rain pour across the grasses again… cozy in the beautiful beach house.

For those of you who decide to have a beach wedding, give your guests a sense of the weather they might encounter, let them know it could go in a couple of directions… all of these guests brought boots and jackets. Did I mention that the ring bearers wore red rubber boots? ;0)

I’ll go the beach with you any day… just ask.
Jamie Bosworth Photographer