Hotel Monaco & the Purple Chandelier

Portland photographer at Hoyt 23 same-sex wedding
“The room is amazing,” John said. He loves Hotel Monaco (so do we!) and couldn’t wait to get ready for his wedding day there. Until the actual weekend, though, he didn’t know which room he’d be doing all the prep. As it turns out, he got the purple chandelier and loved it! A Hotel Monaco wedding, and a purple chandelier was the icing on the cake for John.

The only thing is, I like detail photos to be mixed in. And while that chandelier is kind of awesome, just a plain old photo of the chandelier is meaningless. So I waited, hunting for the perfect moment when I could tell a story. John’s very good friend Melody happened to find the giraffe robe in the bathroom and surprised John by walking out in it and BAM – perfect storytelling wedding photography. With the chandelier in the background.

If you’d like to see more storytelling wedding photography from John and Paul’s wedding day, we’ve got two whole blog posts dedicated to just that! Their Hotel Monaco wedding prep photos flow right on into the rest of their very Portland wedding weekend at Northwest Children’s Theater and 23 Hoyt.