The Hot Hot Wedding


Ok, we all know about the Oregon rain. Will it or won’t it? That is always the big question if you are planning your outdoor wedding in the summer. (Other seasons? Just assume it will be wet ). You will maybe get a tent or work with a venue that has an indoors option, make sure umbrellas are on hand, hope and pray and watch the ten day forecasts like a hawk. Often people don’t give as much thought to the rarer possibility of blistering sun and /or drenching humidity. I’m thinking about it right now as I sit in my sweltering office, too well heated due to a week of unusually hot temperatures. I thought back to Anna and Jason’s wedding. It was a swell time,  and a sweltering time. This couple thought ahead and provided everyone with fans that were rapididly flipping all day. They put sprinklers in the flower beds, they were married under the shade of a huge tree, and finally a breeze or two did offer some relief in the evening. But most importantly, remember to keep you and your guests very hydrated. We like our liquids here in Oregon.

All seasons photographer