Homage to Garry Winogrand


For those who don’t know my story, I was introduced to photography at an early age.  While growing up, my next door neighbor was a wedding photographer.  He asked me one summer afternoon if I would be interested in assisting him in his studio.  It sounded like a fun job opportunity but little did I know what truly was in store.  I began trading hours worked for photo lessons and quickly fell in love with capturing the world through my camera.  I assisted on a handful of weddings, studied photography all throughout high school, and received my degree in photography from Bard College in NY.

While in college, I pursued the fine arts and had the rare opportunity to study with such greats as Stephen Shore, Larry Fink, and many others.  It was while I was there that I was introduced to the work of Garry Winogrand.  Garry is among my personal favorites.  One of his most popular photographs, titled “The Ladies on the Bench,” is an image that has stuck with me since the first time I saw it.

While I was photographing Adam & Josh getting ready on their wedding day, I was mesmerized by the choreography of their arms and legs.  The movement and juxtapositions immediately reminded me of Garry’s famous photograph.  I eagerly waited and observed for just the right moment to capture.  When I clicked the shutter, a little piece of me giggled inside thinking about how the line between art and life merged even if just for that brief moment.

I love being a wedding photographer, but at the core, I am a photographer who happens to photograph weddings.  There is a distinctive difference.

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