A Holiday Wedding

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer--MPP-122214Cat and Rachel had the perfect idea. Get married a week before Christmas at a destination that was sure to have a snowy, winter-time feel. They tied the knot this past weekend at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. The weather was perfect – meaning it was snowy but not a storm. They treated their guests to a fantastic rehearsal dinner at Silcox Hut, located just above Timberline Lodge. To get there, guests were ferried to the hut in a snowcat – a unique ride most will never forget. The setting inside is cozy, the food was delicious and the love could be felt glowing from every candle and fireplace. With close friends and supportive family gathered, the evening was filled with holiday spirit. This was just the start of a beautiful holiday wedding weekend. And what a great time to gather those you love to witness the joining of two beautiful souls. Since it was just a week before Christmas, guests could come and spend extra time on Mt. Hood. Weddings that are held on a Saturday night sometimes seem to come and go too quickly. But having a holiday time wedding allowed everyone to linger and take extra time off from their busy lives to connect with friends and family. And, just to make the circle complete, Cat and Rachel will be taking off for Hawaii after their last guest leaves town! What a perfect way to start the joining of two lives together: winter and summer, the cycle of life. To see more perfect beginnings, check out And here’s wishing you happy holidays!