Heathman Hotel Wedding


Wanda & Paul are a lovely couple who recently exchanged their wedding vows at the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland.  Following their wedding ceremony, we captured a number of portraits of the couple throughout the lobby area.  This image is among my favorites.  The deep blues of Paul’s suit and Wanda’s wedding dress are complimented by the colors in the carpet leading up the stairs.  These cool tones are contrasted by the warm rich tones of the wood and ambient light in the background.  The tones, the colors, and the warmth of their smiles all come together to make a wonderful portrait of these newlyweds.

So often in the Pacific Northwest, we see wedding images that capture the beautiful outdoors.  However, there are an equal amount of beautiful indoor locations as well.  For indoor locations like the Heathman Hotel, where the levels of illumination are very low, it is extremely important to hire a wedding photographer who is skilled and competent in their craft.  Balancing the use of flash and using it in such a way that appears natural and flattering to the eye is key.

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