Heart Shaped Hands


I was so excited when Tenley reached out to me to inform me that she was engaged and looking for a wedding photographer for her upcoming wedding.  I met Tenley years ago when photographing her brother’s wedding and have since seen her at other weddings as well.

Tenley and Adam began discussing location options for their engagement session and very much wanted to incorporate a mural or two into their photos.  They also have a connection to the SE Portland area and really enjoy the local parks.  I suggested that we meet at Laurelhurst Park and stop off at the mural on 50th and SE Hawthorne while on our way up to Mt Tabor.  This would provide us with 3 different locations and a variety of backdrops and settings to play with.

The mural on Hawthorne is one that I have driven and walked by hundreds and hundreds of times over the years and yet it is a piece of art that I have known very little about.  The title of the piece is “The People’s History of Hawthorne” (painted by Chris Haberman).  It celebrates the Hawthorne neighborhood and depicts notable historical figures and elements of the area that have been a part of Hawthorne for over 100 years.

I then learned that the mural is painted along the north and west walls of the building that serves as the Portland headquarters for the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  The Fraternal Order of Eagles raises millions of dollars each year to help local communities, charities, and funds.  It is so neat to learn all of this history after having captured such a simple image of a couple playing with shadows.  Heart shaped hands make a wonderful symbol of love and knowing the back story on the mural and the building just makes it that more special.

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