Happiness at Weddings

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography  MPP111714AOften times, I look at wedding photos and see the work of a lot of serious photographers. I know they are serious because their subjects all look very serious. And, there are times at weddings to be serious. But the lasting, overall impression when a viewer looks at a wedding should be that of joy. No matter the circumstances, the one emotion that rings true throughout almost every wedding is the sense of happiness. When you have a chance to capture that joy during a wedding, it always makes me smile. I often times shoot a picture and realize I’m smiling! That’s a good sign. There was a lot of joy at Bethany and Jared’s Cumberland Island wedding. They are two people who express their emotions easily and they smile and laugh a lot. And what’s not to smile about? They are young and in love, getting married and beginning to share the journey of life together, and their wedding was in a breathtakingly beautiful location. There are so many things to make you smile on your wedding day. Hopefully, your photographer isn’t too busy looking for serious moments to see how happy the bride and groom are. To see more moments of joy, check out