Great wedding photos begin with professional photographers

Cherry Blossom Wedding Photos

Great wedding photos by Turn Loose The Art

Today everyone can be a photographer, thanks to great advances in technology with our smartphones, tablets and compact digital cameras. It truly is wonderful that we can all capture great images since the camera is always with us (and unlike the days of film cameras) our phones are always “loaded” ready to capture any moment. The one thing our smart-devices can’t do is direct a couple into good lighting and good composition to capture the essence of who they are. That’s where a professional photographer can help you.

Jill and Jarid just eloped. No fancy ceremony, just a few close friends and family and some extra time to walk around the park and capture beautiful moments of who they are! It was mid-day and the sun was overhead and high, which doesn’t always produce flattering photos (as compared to later in the day when the sun is lower in the sky – and the light is prettier). We just found a nice patch of diffused light through the trees and had Jill and Jarid just be themselves – and at that last moment, a kiss. That’s what we mean.

An intimate elopement is still a wedding – there is still vows, maybe some tears, emotional words and meaning… two people are becoming one. Having a professional wedding photographer is even more important. It’s the only way to capture great wedding photos and moments, no matter how long or short your ceremony is. It’s even better when you have a nice sunny, spring day with the trees blossoming all around!

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