How to have a great autumn wedding in Portland

glowy autumn wedding photo of bride

When Holly and Stephen came to us, they were looking for photographers that could not just capture the essence of their day, but also capture the love, romance and beauty of their relationship with themselves, their family and their venue. What made their venue so special was that it was on his family’s property, not too far from downtown Portland.

The couple wanted beautifully crafted wedding photography, and during our planning conversations, they placed full trust in our opinions to help them create those memories that day. Since their ceremony was to take place during sunset, we made sure to schedule their family photos before the ceremony and then took Holly and Stephen to our portrait locations while we still had some daylight left to let them soak in their day. After the sun went down, we came back so they could enjoy the rest of the evening uninterrupted with their guests. While we normally don’t need to view reception venues before wedding days, we did leave a few minutes to drive around the neighborhood surrounding the property to find little nooks and crannies to take our couple to for a great experience. We found several locations on that short drive they we were excited to share with them!

The image above was taken only a few minutes after their ceremony, and to us was a perfect location. The straw field was recently harvested and the cut fields created the perfect texture to the warm, glowy sunlight shining on Holly. Their sneak peek is on our blog if you would like to check it out!

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