Grandma’s getting down on the dance floor

Portland Wedding Photographer  Deyla Huss Photography

Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

I absolutely love it when I see the Grandparents out on the dance floor during the wedding reception! This wedding had a very special young lady (brides Great-grandmother) out on the dance floor, she is 93 years young and dancing like nobody’s business! And to top it off she is dancing with her daughter (the brides Grandmother). It was so fun to watch and photograph these two with huge smiles on their faces and just simply enjoying every moment of it. I know its moments like these that their families will cherish having photographs of. I know I personally cherish these types of moments of my own grandmothers and look back at them and share with my own children. These moments are the moments that really count, allow me to photograph all of these cherished moments for you, contact us HERE and we will make sure these are not missed!


Deyla Huss Photography