The Grand Entrance


How will you enter your wedding reception?

There are so many options.  Some couples opt for the entire wedding party to be announced.  They line up outside the reception area and the DJ announces each member of the wedding party, typically while some very upbeat music is played.  Other couples choose to have just themselves announced.  Some opt to include their parents and have their parents also named as they enter the room.  Others choose something entirely different.

That is the fun part about planning your wedding day – deciding which traditions to honor, which ones to adapt, and which ones to exclude all together.  It makes the flow of the wedding as well as the experience for the guests very unique.

I love the enthusiasm and high energy that is created when a bride and groom first walk into their reception as newlyweds.  Jamie and Josh really got into the moment with fists pumping in the air and guests laughing and applauding their grand entrance.

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