A Grand Entrance to a Non-Wedding

Rams Gate wedding photos

Well if that’s not an interesting header, what is? This is a photo I created just as the sky ambled it’s way from twilight blue into the pitch black of a place far, far away from the city. Far enough to see not just the normal handful of stars but entire collections of twinkling vistas. This is the visual that greeted Jerry and Jacob’s guests as they arrived to the fourth part of an adventurous weekend. You might call it a grand entrance to a non-wedding.

Jerry and Jacob aren’t the kind of guys that hang out in the spotlight. They enjoy the finer things in life and very much wanted to share that with their friends and family and kind of figured they would have trouble hauling a group of 30 Texans to Napa Valley. So they gave their friends the perfect excuse for a wine weekend getaway: their Valentine’s Day wedding. As described to us, it was a weekend filled with treats of of vineyard discoveries and spa luxury, all culminating here at Ram’s Gate Winery for their wedding dinner. It was a wine country wedding weekend like no other and we’ll be sharing more photos soon over at Turn Loose the Art’s main site!