Planning a Wedding Around Golden Hour

golden hour wedding photos

If you’ve met with a few photographers, you’ve heard us talk about golden hour. We photographers like golden hour wedding portraits. It’s a very, very easy time of day to photograph if you have control of TIME. It’s flattering light that wraps around our subjects and bathes them in the golden glow for which it is named. Everything is just a bit softer. There typically are no bad angles. So on a wedding day, if you allow us the time, we can usually create more excellent wedding portraits during this time than we would at any other time of day.

You’ll note that I mentioned the word “time” there quite a bit. We often think we’ll get 20 solid minutes of portraits during this golden hour, but if the ceremony starts 10 minutes late we’re suddenly out that time. Well, I also mentioned it’s an easier time of day to shoot – so we can still use that 10 minutes to make a good variety of photos. At least twice as many than if we were photographing in high noon sun. That’s why we love it.

If you can plan your couple portrait time around golden hour, do it. You’ll love the images. You’ll feel great as the pre-sunset breeze drifts by you. And you’ll end up with an amazing collection of wedding images like Holly and Stephen.