Glamour Photos Before the Bride’s Wedding

Portland glamour photos by Britney Gardner PhotographerIn the time leading up to her wedding, Jess saw the recent modern glamour photos I’ve been creating for Portland women’s portraits and asked if we could incorporate some into the prep time before her wedding. She got ready for the day in her mother’s room in her childhood home, a room with a gorgeous bay window and plenty of natural light. She purchased a beautiful bustier specifically for these personal photos.

The modern women’s portraits I create aren’t necessarily boudoir photos, though I’m happy to photograph you in lingerie. Most important to me is that you’re comfortable, you feel amazing, your inner beauty shines and you can one day look back on these photos and see exactly who you are. Much like the rest of Jess’s wedding day photographs, she looks spectacular here. What’s different is it’s just her. No distractions to pull her attention from this moment, no stress of the bus arriving on time or forgetting the bouquets. This is just Jessica in the time leading up to her wedding. Thinking about Tom. Thinking about everything ahead of them and all the experiences they’ll have together.

I’m really excited about honoring women in this way, about uplifting photography for women of all ages and at any point in their lives. Modern women’s portraits can be sexy, contemplative, serious, and fun all at the same time. Head on over to my site to join in and create your own Portland beauty portraits.