Getting the Shot


As a wedding photographer, the most important part of the job is getting the shot.  It is what I get paid to do.

Moments after being married, Jaime & Zach climbed into an RV to sign their marriage license (the RV they will be taking all over the west coast prior to a tropical destination for their honeymoon). They told me it was imperative that I take a shot with them to celebrate.  How could I turn down the offer?  To mark the momentous occasion, I made sure to capture a selfie.  For the record, having photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings, this was only the second time I have ever taken a shot with a bride and groom on their wedding day.

The day after their wedding, I sent Jaime & Zach this photo and thanked them for the opportunity to document their wedding day.  Jaime wrote back and said:

I love that picture!! We are so, so grateful to have had you photograph our wedding. I can’t tell you how many people have said something to the effect of “Paul made us feel so comfortable!” “He was so friendly,” etc. I loved the time Zach and I had with you for golden hour. It was a ton of fun and it felt like we got some incredible shots. Speaking of shots, I’ve looked at that picture you sent of us taking a shot in the RV about a thousand times now because it makes me so happy. I LOVEEEE it!!

Planning to post a stellar review for you on all of the wedding-related sites I can find after the honeymoon!

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