Getting Ready Imagery On Your Wedding Day

Getting ready for the big day, Shaina takes a moment at the Nines.  © juliana patrick photography

Getting ready for the big day, Shaina takes a moment at the Nines. © juliana patrick photography


Getting ready imagery on your wedding day is a key component to telling your story of the whole experience of your day.  This imagery just might be included in your album to be treasured for generations to come, so we thought we would share some helpful tips on how to make your getting ready experience picture perfect.

1) Make a plan

First and foremost, like anything on your wedding day, this will take a little planning.  Who do you want to get ready with?  Where do your want to get ready?  How do you want to spend your time?

2) Make sure that your getting ready space is large enough to accommodate those you plan to be involved.

Ideally, this space will have beautiful natural light and will have elements in it that you will want to see in your images.  A dark room with overhead florescent lighting is not recommended.  Not only will your photographers have a hay day with rooms that are filled with natural light, your hair and make up professionals will also be jumping for joy!;)

Now lets talk about all of those people you plan to have with you.  Where are they going to put their stuff?

3) Clear the clutter!

Your images will look the best if they are free of clutter, so designating an area …that isn’t the main area where the images will be taking place…for them to stash their belongings is a must.  This goes for guys and girls..but typically the guys getting ready stage lasts about a tenth as long as the ladies, and often move their getting ready locations to mentally prepare at the bar.

4) Have your wedding party/family photo ready.

If you plan to have these special people in your pictures, we highly suggest that they are dressed and photo ready.  Dressed could mean the wedding attire for the day, or even cute matching robes…whatever it is, make sure it is appropriate to be photographed in.  This will not only help them to feel more comfortable so they can relax if there is a camera in the room, but it will also allow them to focus their energy on helping you prepare for the day.

5) Have special items out and ready to be photographed.

The dress, the tuxes, the ties, the shoes, the rings, love notes, crazy socks, that something blue or whatever makes your attire your own…This is also a great time to photograph flowers if you have arranged with your florist to deliver them to your room.

6) Pre-plan your transportation.

How will you and all of your besties plan to travel to your next destination?  Unicycles, brew cycle, hot air balloon, private plane? (Have to make suggestions since we would love to photograph that!)  Will you be in the same vicinity as your fiance or will it take extra planning?  Be sure to allow ample transportation time…especially if you need a place to park your hot air balloon!

Remember, this is the story of your day and these moments just might be memorialized forever, so if you do these simple things listed above, your getting ready phase should be smooth, fun and as a bonus, you will have beautiful imagery!

Above, Shaina takes a moment as she gets ready at the very popular The Nines location in downtown Portland.

If you would like more ideas about tips of how to make your wedding day awesome, contact us!  Juliana Patrick Photography