Funny Wedding Portraits

best humorous wedding photos in the columbia gorge

John and Kirsten’s wedding was a lot of things. It was beautifully styled. It was all outdoors. It was in the woods. It was a Skamania Lodge wedding in the Columbia Gorge. It was well attended by guests coming from near (they attended law school in Salem) and far (she’s from Southern California, he from New York). It was traditional in the right ways. And… it included funny wedding portraits.

So many couples have come to us in the past and asked for fun wedding photos. Our response is always “be fun!” Because really, we photograph what’s going on around you so fun breeds from your own activities. But I was wrong. It is possible to make funny wedding portraits out of thin air when the lodge’s lobby has such… interesting artwork. And you can’t help but laugh when standing in front of it for no apparent reason. (The actual reason? It was hot and humid outside and we were all cooling off in the lobby!)

I’ll stand by my advice that fun wedding photos come from fun people. But as it turns out, we can manufacture fun. Or at least humor! And not to worry, we’ve got plenty more photos from John and Kirsten’s wedding that show off what they actually planned for the day. Check out their Skamania Lodge wedding photos over on the blog.