A Fun Father-Daughter Dance

father-daughter-danceThis image between Maggie and her dad during their father-daughter dance at Jenkins Estate is one of my favorite father-daughter dance images from last season. From this one image, you can not only get a sense of the spirit of the wedding day, but you can tell what an amazing relationship they share together.

I know that sometimes the parent dances are breezed over: thrown in as a cultural tradition and therefore a requisite part of the day; but many times they are the one time that the parent of the opposite sex really gets to share a moment alone with their child on the wedding day. As a result, it can often be a moment of great emotion Рand one that can forever immortalize the relationship that a child and parent share. Ten, twenty and even fifty years from now, this image will still resonate with the richness of this relationship.

For all the beautiful, luminous, and stunning images we as wedding photographers try to create, it’s often these simple ones that mean the most to our clients over the long run.

Mhari Scott | Wedding Photography for the Creative Soul