Flower Girl Moments

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography --MPP 080315ab-2It’s often said that weddings are all about the bride. And, for the most part, that’s true! But flower girls also have their time in the sun. One of my favorite things at weddings are flower girls and ring bearers who are just old enough to know what they are supposed to do but young enough to possibly veer off-script and do something that will make a fun picture! But sometimes, they also offer good photo moments without being silly. In this case, the flower girl wanted to make sure her lipstick was just right. So, shortly before the bride and her bridesmaids were ready to leave the room they were getting ready in, the flower girl needed a last minute touch up. With no one around to do the job, she decided she would do it herself. It’s a fun little moment and I was lucky to be looking around the room while keeping a constant eye on the bride. Because, while flower girls might be cute, funny or ironic, after all, weddings really are about the bride! To see more fun wedding moments, check out