The Flower Girl

The Flower girl Deyla Huss Photography

The flower girl Photo by Deyla Huss Photography

This little lady was so fun to watch, her role as THE Flower Girl at this stunning St. Paul Wedding was an important one. What are her duties you ask? well to be adorable of course! Pretty dress, flowers, a tiara or flower crown, what more could a little girl ask for! I loved how the bride chose a pink dress for this little lady instead of the traditional white.

Tips to make it easy for the little princess:

-Seat the flower girl’s parents towards the front of the ceremony just incase she is a bit nervous and need to focus on them to help encourage her.

-Using more then one flower girl is always a great way to help ease the process for each of them, less jitters when walking down by themselves.

-Giving her something to hold or throw on the ground such as flower petals or confetti.

-Remember they are children, and sometimes theres only so much you can control with how it turns out, don’t worry whatever she does, your guests will surely smile.

Have a beautiful Valentines Day!

Deyla Huss Photography