First Look…Be Very, Very Quiet

First-look-wedding-be-very-very-quiet-davidbarssphotographerI guess it was “Be Vewy, Vewy, Quiet” quoted by Elmer Fudd, but I couldn’t help but think of it from this spontaneous moment from Andy and Jessica’s first look. However after that line struck me, I found it very fitting in that Andy is involved in writing and production work for SpongeBob Square Pants. SpongeBob is on a short list with some of the longest running animated series of all time as well as having won a lot of awards. The series to me is a unique, whimsical and twisted ride with relatable messages and heart. Looney Tunes seems a fitting parallel of course with some dashes of Ren and Stimpy and then some secret ingredients that make it it’s own genuine thing.

You got to love great cartoons, no matter how old you are. Make sure you watch a favorite soon or check something new out.

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