First Dance, Second Kiss!

Portland-Oregon--Wedding-Photographer---MPP060214One of my favorite “events” at any wedding is still the first dance. Fortunately, unlike the bouquet toss, garter toss and cake cutting, almost every couples opts to include a first dance during their reception. And, amazingly, something magical seems to happen during the first dance at almost every wedding I’ve ever been to. The bride and groom suddenly think they are invisible! They look longingly into each other’s eyes. They laugh and talk and see only their new spouse. It’s happens almost every time. Some might say it’s because they are “on stage” together and look to each other in order to avoid the reality of everyone they know and love around them watching them do something they aren’t comfortable doing. But, no matter the reason, those intimate moments make for some wonderful photos. And, since the first dance goes on for at least 3-5 minutes, there is plenty of time to capture those moments and still step back and be creative. The extra time allows me to play by shooting silhouettes, low shutter speed motion, unconventional framing and pretty much any other trick I’ve learned or want to learn. To see more of these intimate moments, check out