The First Dance

Bride and Groom First Dance Backyard Wedding Portland

There are only a few moments in life where all the world seems to pause for you and you alone. Your wedding day’s first dance is often one of these. On a day when everything is moving so fast that it can seem impossible to keep up, when time keeps rushing you along from one moment to the next, the first dance is a space for just the two of you and the temporary solitude of the dance floor. In this space, your guests watch and honor your connection and commitment to each other, everyone passing along their own mental wishes for a rich and wonderful life for the both of you. It is a space where everyone holds you in their heart while you hold each other in your arms.

Revisiting a beautiful image of that moment has the power to bring you back to it, no matter how much has passed between now and then. Honor your wedding with beautiful photography. The relationship you share with each other is worth it.

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