The First Dance

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography  - MPP102014There are many “firsts” at weddings: the first kiss, the first time a couple is presented as “Mr & Mrs” and, of course, the first dance. Of all those firsts, the first dance is my favorite! It always seems as though as soon as the music starts, the couple sees only each other in the room. They talk and laugh and kiss as they glide along the dance floor as if no one is watching. Okay, some don’t glide as well as others, but it’s always a beautiful and heartwarming part of the day. Maybe it’s because this is something they have practiced together and they are so focused on getting it right that they only have eyes for each other. Maybe it’s because they are a bit “on stage” that they turn to each other for reassurance. Or maybe it’s because it’s the first time during the day that they get to relax, take a deep breath and realize that all this excitement has meant they are now a married couple. Whatever the reason, like Danielle and Casey here at Postlewaits, no matter how the first dance goes, every once in a while it ends with a stylish dip. To see more firsts, check out