First Dance

Shaina and David

Shaina and David’s First Dance at Pure Space, Portland, OR
© juliana patrick photography

Shaina and David’s First Dance at Pure Space was really wonderful to watch.  Their rhythm and flow together was comfortable and fun.  I am not sure how many hours of practice they put in, but it was definitely worth it.  Something about watching people dance together draws me in.  I think it must have something to do with the non verbal communication, but when you see a couple that clicks together and are so smooth on  their feet, it is really satisfying to watch.  I started thinking about the meaning of a first dance at a wedding.  Whether fact or lore, I have read that the First Dance was a an old tradition that began when the kidnapper of a bride would show off his stolen love to fellow warriors in his tribe so they could see how successful his hunt was.  When this was completed, they would celebrate with a feast!  Also dating back to the 17th century the first dance was given to the guest of honor and once their dance was complete, the dance floor was open to all guests to signify the start of the ball.  In any case, today’s first dance gives couples a chance to spend a moment together to slow down and share each others energy.

Shaina and David shared their moment while dancing to a wonderful live band named Dancehall Days… a band I would highly recommend by the way!


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