Finding Quiet Time On Your Wedding Day


Finding quiet time on your wedding day can sometimes be really tricky but it is so very special if you get a chance to have it.  Carving a little space into your day just for you is highly recommended and with a little luck and some well laid plans, you should be able to find some.  Your wedding day will likely be one of the fastest days of your life.  Having a collection of the most important people from multiple facets of your lives coming together to celebrate in an environment you no doubt toiled endlessly over for the past year or more can often become overwhelming.  Take some time , either by yourself or with your new spouse and enjoy the solitude.  Breathe and take it all in.  This quiet time just might be the most memorable of your big day!

This image is from Tiffany and Andrew’s wedding at Laurelhurst Club, Portland, OR.  Tiffany had a moment to herself as she was waiting to see her groom for the first time.

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