Finding cover for your fall wedding

Fall Vineyard Wedding Deyla Huss Photography

© Deyla Huss Photography 


This amazing couple pictured above flew all the way from Indiana for a wine country wedding in the fall! yep you heard that right. While there are many couples who look for a destination wedding in our gorgeous wine country, for our gorgeous falls, but also could lead to some nasty weather conditions. This particular day at the lovely Vista Hills Vineyard was probably the worst combinations of weather such as high winds, very cold,  fog and pouring rain all in one glimpse and the entire day. But that did not stop these two from venturing outside for a bit and Vista Hills has some options for cover such as underneath their decks and some of the beautiful big tall trees. It was VERY cold this particular day and that didn’t stop them from beaming with so much love and stealing a kiss or two whenever they could!

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