Father – Daughter Dance and Tears

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer---MPP101215It’s hard to go to a wedding without seeing someone break out into tears. It’s usually the bride, her mother or any one of a number of bridesmaids or close friends. Sometimes it’s the groom who gets choked up and sheds a few tears of joy. But at Sara and Cody’s wedding at Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards in Central Oregon, it was Sara’s dad who found himself welling up with joy while dancing their father and daughter dance. This was the scene just moments after their dance ended. This is one of those unpredictable moments that become a lasting memory. It’s not possible to script or predict when emotions get the better of people. You can find this in any list from a wedding magazine about the pictures you must have from your wedding. And yet, it’s one of the more precious and heartfelt moments you will see at any wedding. When hiring a wedding photographer, it’s more important to be sure your photographer can capture these slices of time than it is to have two photographers or a discount. That discount or less expensive photographer might save you money and make you feel good for a few weeks, but the memories they fail to capture will be gone for a lifetime. To see more captured memories, check out