Exchanging Gifts

Exchanging GiftsOne of the wedding day traditions that I’m particularly fond of is the gift exchange between the couple before the wedding ceremony. Of the couples that do this, many choose to exchange them when neither is around: the bride opening her present around her bridesmaids, the groom while sequestered with his groomsmen. My favorite approach, though, is when they exchange their gifts in person – often right after they see each other for the first time. I love seeing the time and care put into these presents and getting to bear witness to the reactions of the recipients. Many times, these gifts are clearly the result of an extraordinary amount of thought and care, and for the gift giver to be able to see the reaction of the recipient is absolutely priceless.

Considering exchanging gifts for your wedding day? Think about setting aside ten or fifteen minutes together after the first look. Your wedding photographer or wedding planner can help you work these moments into your timeline for the day, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Mhari Scott | Wedding Photography for the creative soul