Everything is Prettier in the Snow

Jessica and Sam had been trying to do an engagement shoot for almost two months. One thing after another kept popping up to prevent it until it started to look like the universe was working against us. Our fourth attempt to schedule a shoot was a snowy Sunday in the mountains, and my car crawled at a snail’s pace through the snowy mountains at 20 mph, while I anxiously prayed that I would get to our location before dark. I arrived at about 4pm, and we had an hour before dark fell. Sam and Jess had scoped out an area to the side of the highway that had a cute pathway and a bridge crossing over the river, so we did the majority of our shoot there. When we were finished, we headed into town to get some shots with the festive Christmas lights in the little Bavarian village in the mountains. Jessica and Sam were amazing – it didn’t go above 27 degrees the entire time we were there, and they didn’t complain once. I keep forgetting how freezing they must have been because they look so good in their photographs!

Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer