Epic Wedding Portraits

Backyard autumn wedding in the Willamette Valley

When meeting with us before their wedding, Stephen specifically said he was looking forward to the creative variety we bring to wedding portraits. They were in the middle of planning a low key, backyard wedding with a small gathering of friends and family. And they weren’t shy about telling us we were a large chunk of their wedding budget. No pressure there, huh? But this is what we live for as wedding photographers. We love the couple portrait time when people like Stephen and Holly put their trust in us to rock it out of the park.

And we will of course make normal portraits, but we mix them in with art, landscape scenes, a few tricks here and there and most of all – personality. Your wedding portraits should not look like anyone else’s wedding portraits, as they are a different set of people than you. We adore working with people that get that and encourage us to really push forward to make the portraits we’re proud to display. And sometimes, just sometimes… we get a photo that makes us pause. We love this. We live for these epic wedding portraits. And if you hear one of us with a catch of breath and at a loss for words, that is a very, very good thing for your collection of photos.