Enjoying your Engagement Photography Session

Enjoying your engagement session

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That should be a given right? I mean shouldn’t it be one of the most enjoyable times in your new lives together? Making sure you have an amazing time with your photographer but most importantly your soon-to-be husband or wife is how it should always be and here are a few tips on how to do that:

-Location location location! Think of a place that means a lot to the both of you or a style of location that you love, ask your photographer for any ideas they may have.

-Being yourselves! I know that sounds like a given right? But its funny when all of a sudden you begin your engagement photos and your kind of like “now what?” One of my trademarks is working with couples to bring that out of them and making them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. I may tell them to say something to each other or whispering sweet sweet nothings in each others ears, always gets a sweet embrace or laugh out of them. Simply just encouraging you to enjoy each others company turns into a beautiful and enjoyable experience. I promise it will be!

-Props! sure, bring your bikes, bring a blanket, bring your pup, bring a picnic, whatever you want to make it fun for you both!

-Timing! The time of day is important as well, planning a summer engagement session, you may either want to plan for a early morning shoot or before sunset shoot for the cooler hours and also the most beautiful light. You don’t want to squint when looking at one another right?

I can’t wait to talk to you about your engagement portraits!


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