Enjoy the Wedding Night

Jen and Ryan Cool Off at Directors Park after their wedding at The Elysian Ballroom in Downtown Portland. © juliana patrick photography  503-318-5160

Jen and Ryan sneak away for a moment from their elegant wedding reception at the Elysian Ballroom to cool off and enjoy their wedding night together at Director Park in Portland, Oregon               © juliana patrick photography    503-318-5160

Enjoy The Wedding Night!

It’s always fun to sneak away with our couples for a few minutes late into the evening at their wedding reception.  This is the time that the couples are finally relaxed and after everything that they are “supposed to do” is done, they can just cool off and relax and enjoy themselves on their wedding night!

This image is from Jen and Ryan’s wedding night.  Their beautiful and elegant wedding was at the Elysian Ballroom just steps from Director Park in downtown Portland, Oregon.  They were drawn to the fun lights at night in Director’s Park so we made sure to sneak them out for a few fun and spontaneous moments to enjoy.

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