Engaging Ideas

Engagement photos are great for at least three reasons. And Alexandra and William know what they are. The first reason is the bride and groom get a wonderful photo that they can use in many creative ways. They can purchase a large print and have that greet their guests at the sign in table during the reception. They can purchase or create a book that can be used as the guest sign in book. Or they can use it for a save-the-date card if it’s shot soon enough before the wedding. The second reason they are a great idea is that you get to know your photographer better and learn how he or she works. And the third reason is the bride gets a chance to try out the makeup artist and hairstyle and see how it looks in pictures. If you can think of other reasons feel free to leave those in a comment. I’m always open to new ideas for creative ways to use pictures. To see more creative moments, check out