Engagement Sessions: Date Night for Three?

Sailboat Engagement Session

Most of the time when people think about engagement sessions, they imagine a series of portraits in picturesque locations that maybe suit their personalities or complement the theme they’re using for their wedding. If, however, we were to think about engagement sessions as a date night for three, it opens up a whole new world of visual possibilities. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a private dance lesson, or you want to go play miniature golf together, or, in the case of Kathleen and Josh, you’ve got a hankering go for a private sailboat ride together. This is the perfect opportunity to bring along your wedding photographer – not only because he or she will get a great sense of your personalities together, but also because you’ll walk away with images of a great memory you shared with each other. Your session doesn’t have to be solely activity-focused, either. For Kathleen and Josh, we spent the first portion of their session sailing on Lake Union, then we walked around Lake Union Park in order to accumulate some more traditional shots as well. If you’d like to mosey on over to my blog to peek at their date-night session (and perhaps to get some ideas of your own), you can do so here!

Mhari Scott | Wedding Photography for the Creative Soul