The Elysian Ballroom


The Elysian Ballroom is a historic ballroom located in downtown Portland that includes gorgeous men’s and women’s suites for getting ready, a turn of the century Italian Renaissance styled ballroom, and an elegantly decorated cocktail lounge.  The decor and ambiance are a perfect match for couples looking for a wedding venue in downtown Portland.

Amy & Paul were extremely selective in locating their wedding photographer.  Amy poured over wedding magazines and websites and truly did her research making sure to ask the right questions to narrow down her choices.  Amy and Paul then met with 6 or 7 photographers in town.  They asked very well thought out questions like: “The light levels at our wedding are going to be quite low, can you show us weddings that you have photographed where the ceremony and reception were dimly lit?”  “What steps do you take and what equipment do you use that enable you to properly photograph when it is dark?”  “Can you show us examples of work that you have photographed at night?”

Seemingly simple questions you may think, but Amy & Paul received some very telling responses.  Some photographers stated that they specialize in natural light photography and that photographing in a dark ballroom was not conducive to their style.  Well, clearly that would not make a good match.  Amy & Paul liked the examples of work we showed them from various weddings that were captured in a setting that was similar to their own.  They also liked the fact that we presented them with what we felt as though was the darkest setting we had ever photographed in (a wine barrel room wedding reception with no windows where the walls and ceiling were all painted black and the primary light source was candles) and that we explained how we set up and prepared for those conditions.  And lastly, they felt comforted hearing that I have a degree in photography — that I have actually studied photography in addition to pursuing it as a career choice.

I cannot more highly recommend researching the vendors you choose to meet with to make sure they are qualified and skilled in the field they claim to be a professional.  You will be much more satisfied with the result and will be much more relaxed and confident on your wedding day knowing that things are taken care of properly.

To see more examples of our work, please check out Paul Rich Studio.