Dressing for a Wedding

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography   MPP111615While brides and bridesmaids have a lot of makeup, hair and clothing to deal with while getting ready, grooms and groomsmen have relatively few. However, there are a couple of unique clothing requirements that often throw guys for a loop. One of these is bow ties. However the one that seems to create the most confusion is the pocket square or pocket handkerchief. It’s rare when any of us need printed instructions to put on a piece of clothing. But the pocket square is certainly one such item. There is usually someone in the room where the guys are getting dressed who has tied a bow tie at least once. But how often does anyone sport a pocket square these days?! When Eric got married, the pocket squares came with instructions on paper. However, it still wasn’t clear how they should be folded and then placed into the jacket pocket. After much contemplation and consultation, the best solution for Eric was to get close to what it was supposed to look like and then make it work however possible! Fortunately, one doesn’t need the properly folded pocket square to say “I do”. To see more fun wedding wardrobes, check out