Don’t Step on my Red Wedding Shoes!

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-photographer--MPP060815You can tell so much about the bride’s personality by the style of dress she wears. But to really understand her, you need to check out the shoes she chooses to wear while walking down the aisle! Sometimes, that’s not so easy! As a photographer, it’s important to pay attention to the little things – sometimes even the hidden things – that help tell the complete story of the day. Not only do photos like this add information to complete the picture of who the bride is, but they also serve as reminders years down the road. As time passes, we tend to forget some of the important details, even about one of the most important days of our lives. So when Bethany and Jared are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, they can pull our their album and settle the discussion about what color shoes she wore that day. Without this picture, it would be left to the wind to know exactly what was on her feet as she said “I do”. And their grandchildren can feel like they know their grandmother just a little bit better too!
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