DIY Wedding

DIY-wedding-Crystal-Springs_Rhododendron-Garden-davidbarssphotographerA DIY(Do it Yourself) wedding is something that has become quite a buzz word and trend in recent years. Now this usually evokes ranging emotions especially depending on who you are. I have seen a lot of aspects of weddings that were DIY and they failed miserably. However this wedding had a lot of DIY elements and was really beautiful and personal. The groom designed an arbor and platform for the alter and surrounding columns with ropes creating a canopy above the ceremony site from which greens and flowers hung from. The groom also showed up as early as possible with his team of friends and family to assemble the set as it had to be built to be mobile. These are the kind of personal details that quite often you will not find unless you “Do it Yourself”. However I have seen family and friend dynamics that were challenged and stressed in some weddings and some plans for catering, photography, flowers, and more fall apart without the experience and knowledge of professional vendors. This being said I think some DIY ideas are inspiring, moving, and truly personal, but just make sure you have thought everything through and this is an element you feel certain you can pull off. When done seamlessly it is a beautiful addition to a wedding.

This wedding was in SE Portland Oregon at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

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