DIY Photo Booth Makes for a Fun Crowd

DIY photo booth at Union Pine wedding reception by

Emily and Joe’s wedding held a plethora of exciting moments from their three story long staircase walk to their first look, a 70’s school bus rocking old school karaoke (think “Total Eclipse of the Heart”) to a romp in the fountain post-ceremony. So it shouldn’t be any big surprise they eschewed the typical photo booth and took matters into their own hands with a Polaroid cutout for their guests to BE the booth.

Fun weddings are all in the head – you make it. If you’re bent on having a great time that attitude is infectious and your guests will fill in with the vibe. If you want to do something a little off kilter, own it with style and it’ll be something we talk about for years. If that includes a DIY photo booth at your wedding, have some fun it with it!

Oh! And Happy Halloween! There’s a wig in this photo so that makes it slightly more festive than the average wedding photo, no?