Dance Like You Were Just Married

DJ-Start-the-PartyDance Like you Were Just Married!!!

You have planned your day… all of your day from when and where all the way down to the napkins and silverware! You have created and recreated wedding invitation lists, helped design menus, coordinated colors and toiled over cake designs. You have stressed about weather, access and where loved ones traveling to your special event will stay! Now you have stood at the alter, publicly professed your love for one another… laughed, cried, hugged loved ones, Cried and laughed again and… now what? Our suggestion, grab your family and friends and DANCE! Loosen the jacket, replace your elegant designer footwear for a planned throw-down pair of comfy sandals and let it all loose! There is truly something amazing about watching a dance floor blow up when the bride and groom dive into the middle of a sea of churning bodies that have all descended upon a particular time and place for a common and unified goal. Pick a DJ that has some chops and make sure you love their style. If you want a rocking dance floor, spend some time with a DJ service and make sure you share the concepts of what makes a thriving and enjoyable recreational environment… AKA a Rocking dance floor!!!

This is an image from Nathan and Tim’s wedding at The Gorge Crest Vineyards. The DJ was Dan of dmoefunk! This dance floor was loaded with the love, laughter and support that you would expect from such a special occasion! Enjoy your friends and your family! Enjoy your day, you earned it

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