Daddy’s Little Girl

A stitched handkerchief for this bride

A stitched handkerchief for this bride’s father was a special and heartfelt memento to be cherished.
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Daddy’s Little Girl

I know I will always be my daddy’s little girl.  It’s as true today as it was walking down the aisle 10 years ago.

I have never really liked the idea of my dad giving me away.  In fact I hated it.  Instead I saw it more of my dad welcoming Ryan into our family. I know every family dynamic is unique and different and I feel truly blessed and grateful that our families have joined.  I hope the same for our kids and that one day if our now 3 year old little girl chooses to marry, that she too will remain her daddy’s little girl.

This image was from Lindsay and Andrew’s wedding at Tetherow.  Looking through some photos this one recently stuck out to me.  It is these heartfelt mementos that not only personalize a wedding, but they remind us that we are a collection of millions of stories and many, many lives.  Some time in the future, Lindsay’s father will find this again, he will hold it, and he will relive that day in a few moments in his head. That is the special thing about items that carry great meaning…  they are precious and timeless. I think we have to work hard to find things, or maybe just notice them as we live our busy lives and apply meaning in a way that can allow us to more easily and tangibly connect with the personalities and events of our past.

One very special item that can transport your emotions back in time is the wedding album. Having an album creatively designed by an artist, who knows you, will not only chronicle the workings of the day, but visually connect you to a younger version of yourself as that pivotal moment in your journey was passed. See yourself then, feel it and relive it again…

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Oh, and Dad?… Love you more!